Akebono brake pads

Ultimate upgrade for OE semi-metallic and low-metallic brake pads. Friction formulas specifically designed for your vehicle. Long lasting brake pad formula. 0% pedal pulsation. Ultra quiet..

The Akebono Euro Ceramic brake pads also guarantee minimal brake dust, so you can enjoy unrivaled stopping power and cleaner wheels. Best, these Euro friction pads are meticulously developed and engineered to complement the material composition of the rotors installed in European vehicles.. The Akebono brake pads use a synthetic rubber compound that is heat-cured so that a strong and durable bond forms between the brake pad and rotor. They offer good stopping power and low noise levels. The main advantage of Akebono Proact Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads is that they have an extended life span..

1.1 OEM Brake Pads, brake shoes, brake discs in USA, America. 1.2 MULLER BRAKES AMERICA, Akebono ProACT. 1.3 Akebono Brake Pads USA. 1.4 EBC Brakes USA and UK. 1.5 Wagner.




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This item: Akebono ACT914 Disc Brake Pad Kit $68.91 Centric 120.40036 Premium Brake Rotor - Diameter 282MM/11.1" 5-Stud option $57.94 Akebono ACT537 Proact Ultra Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad kit $69.13 Akebono ACT914A Ultra-Premium Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pads, GREY 110 21 offers from $52.93.

Akebono Disc Brake Pad Kit ACT476. Add. $53.69. current price $53.69. Akebono Disc Brake Pad Kit ACT476. 3+ day shipping. Akebono ACT1184 Disc Brake Pad Kit. Add. $65.47. current price $65.47. Akebono ACT1184 Disc Brake Pad Kit. 3+ day shipping. Disc Brake Pad Set. Add. $81.17. current price $81.17. Disc Brake Pad Set. Save with.